I-40 Desert Area of SAA

Purpose of an Area

• To ensure equitable representation of the fellowships member groups to achieve a true informed group conscience at International Service Organization of Sex Addicts Anonymous (ISO) Conferences.

• To maintain a manageable size for the Conference as the fellowship continues to grow to ensure adequate opportunity to discuss issues thoroughly and conduct the business of SAA.

• To allow for business motions coming before the Conference to have a thorough review and debate at the local level prior to the Conference.

• To allow local groups to meet together more readily and frequently than has been previously possible.

• To give more member groups a voice in ISO affairs.

Purpose of an Area Assembly

  • An Area Assembly is any convening of the Group Service Representatives (GSR) from a specific Area for the purpose of conducting Area business. While each Area will structure its Area Assemblies as its GSRs choose, each Area is asked to elect and fund a delegate to participate in the SAA International Conference.
  • To enhance the capacity of the International Service Organization (ISO) to fulfill its mission: to serve member groups by helping carry the SAA message of recovery to the sex addict who still suffers.
  • To allow GSRs to share the Group Conscience of meetings they represent.
  • To review and discuss challenges brought to the Assembly by local groups.
  • To refine and submit motions for consideration by the larger fellowship at the annual meeting of the SAA Conference.
  • To develop an Area Group Conscience on motions approved for consideration by the Conference.
  • To provide a platform for the Area's Conference Delegate to report back to the Area on issues and the results of Conference votes from the annual meeting.
  • To allow members from the large geographic expanse that is the I-40 Desert Area to connect not only to conduct business but also to connect through fellowship.

I-40 Desert Area Calendar of Events

Area Assemblies are currently every 3 months on the second Saturday of the month.

For information about the next Assembly please contact the Area Chair at Chair@i40desertarea.org

2020-06-13 I-40 Desert Area Minutes.pdf

Last Area Assembly minutes

Click HERE to see all of the area assembly minutes.

I-40 Desert Area Bylaws Final 6-13-2020.docx

Area Bylaws

I-40 Meeting List 07.03.20.xlsx